Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love this-Vtech Photo Album

We celebrated Lucy's 1st Birthday on July 3 (*sniff, sniff*), and I want to share a super wonderful toy we purchased for her. First, let me tell you that when you've got 3 little girls and love to shop for them as much as I do, it can be somewhat difficult to come up with new ideas. Let's just say that I'm not a member of the "It's her first birthday so she won't remember it anyway" club. I have no disrespect for those who are, I just can't possibly let a birthday past without a little showering of gifts. And first birthdays? Well, those are extra sweet in our corner of the world. Why? Because we make them that way, of course! I love picking something out that I think the girls will still be using years from now.

When Elsie turned one, I bought a little photo album and filled it with family pictures. She loved it. By the time Claira turned one, it didn't look like Elsie was going to be sharing hers anytime soon so I bought another and filled it with pictures for Claira. So, while birthday shopping for Lucy, I knew it was likely I'd be buying a third photo album for her. What I didn't know was that I'd come across an amazing talking photo album.

It's made by Vtech, and while I'll admit that they're not my favorite toy supplier for babies and toddlers, I adore this photo album. There are a few different modes of play with songs (that aren't terribly annoying), but the best feature by far is the ability to record a unique message for each page. Elsie and Claira had fun helping me record, singing Happy Birthday and telling Lucy how sweet she is and how much we love her. Lucy has been playing with it a lot so I'd say it gets her seal of approval. Her big sisters love it too.

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